Asus Router Problems After Firmware Update

Asus Router Problem After Firmware Update

To keep your ASUS router safe and up to date with the newest features and upgrades, firmware updates are necessary. However, sporadically these upgrades might result in unanticipated Asus Router problems, leaving users upset and looking for fixes. In this blog, we’ll look at typical ASUS router issues that could appear subsequently a firmware upgrade and offer detailed troubleshooting instructions to help you fix them.

Unreliable or Slow Internet Connection

A sluggish or unreliable internet connection is one of the most frequent problems consumers experiences next to a firmware upgrade. Use these procedures to troubleshoot the issue if you experience a dramatic decline in your internet speed or frequent disconnections

  • Restart your router: Start by turning off and disconnecting your ASUS router from the power supply. Formerly plugging it back in and turning it on wait for some moments. This frequently fixes momentary connection problems.
  • Examine your ISP: Check to see whether your internet service provider (ISP) is the cause of the problem. Your router may not continuously be to responsible for matters with your internet linking. To rule out any problems on your ISP’s end, contact them.
  • Factory reset: You might need to do a router factory reset if the issue continues. Performing this will remove any customised settings, so be careful to create a backup of your setups beforehand.

Problems with Wireless Connectivity:

  • Wireless connection issues are another frequent post-firmware upgrade concern. Contemplate taking the succeeding activities if your devices recurrently disengage from the Wi-Fi network or cannot attach to it at all.
  • Check your wifi settings by logging into the web interface of your router and checking them out. Make that the SSID (network name) and password are configured properly. Your Wi-Fi login information on your devices might need to be entered again.

Overheating or Freezing of the Router

After a firmware update, some customers may have problems with their ASUS routers overheating or freezing. Trail these actions to solve these issues:

  • Verify the location of your router: Make sure it is not blocked by any other items and is situated in a region that is well-ventilated. A lack of enough ventilation might cause the item to overheat.
  • Update firmware once more: A faulty firmware update may occasionally result in instability problems. If an former sort of the firmware is obtainable, try downgrading to it.
  • sGet in touch with ASUS support: Think about contacting ASUS customer service if you still face this asus router problems after firmware update. They can be conversant about certain problems brought on by the firmware upgrade and able to offer advice or even an authorized resolution.


Although firmware upgrades are decisive for the security and performance of your ASUS router, they rarely cause issues. You may solve common Asus Router problems like poor internet, wireless connectivity difficulties, and overheating or frozen routers by following the troubleshooting procedures described in this blog article. Always proceed cautiously with these troubleshooting methods and contact us if required. Updating the firmware on your router is crucial, but with the appropriate knowledge, you can navigate and fix any problems that could come up.

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