Common Issues With Asus Router Ip Address And How To Troubleshooot Them

ASUS router IP address

ASUS routers are well-known for their performance and dependability, but they, like any networking equipment, can have problems, notably with IP addresses. IP address difficulties might cause your internet connection to go down and impede your online activity. In this blog you will get some of the most frequent issues with ASUS router IP address and present troubleshooting tips to help you fix them.

IP Address Dispute

An IP address conflict is one of the most communal subjects that patrons have with ASUS routers. When this happens, it might cause connection difficulties and internet service outages.


  • Pass in your ASUS router’s IP in the browser.
  • Login with the admin authorizations for your router.
  • Check the list of connected devices under the LAN settings section.
  • If you discover any devices with the same IP address, you may manually assign each device a unique IP address under the LAN settings.

Problems with ASUS router IP address Allocation

ASUS routers may occasionally experience problems with DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) address allocation. This might result in devices not getting or receiving erroneous IP addresses, creating connection issues.


  • As previously mentioned, log in to the router’s web interface.
  • Make that the DHCP server is enabled in the DHCP settings.
  • Adjust the DHCP range to provide an adequate number of IP addresses.
  • Reboot the router after saving your modifications.

Wi-Fi connection that is inconsistent

Inconsistent Wi-Fi connections are another typical problem, which can be traced back to IP address issues.


  • Check the firmware of your
  • ter and, if necessary, upgrade it.
  • Check that the Wi-Fi channel is not overcrowded. Interference problems can be resolved by changing the Wi-Fi channel.
  • Check that your devices are within an acceptable distance of the router.
  • To receive fresh IP addresses, restart the router and reset the network settings on your devices.

No Internet access.

If you can connect to your ASUS router but cannot connect to the internet, this might be due to IP setup difficulties, DNS issues, or connection faults.


  • Check the WAN settings in your router’s web interface. Check that the WAN connection is properly setup and that DHCP is enabled.
  • On the linked devices, try releasing and renewing your IP address.
  • Check that the DNS settings are appropriately setup.

Reservation of an ASUS router IP address

You may wish to standby a convinced IP address for a device on your network at times. This is possible with ASUS routers, although misconfigurations might cause issues.


  • Navigate to the LAN settings in the router’s web interface.
  • Navigate to the “IP reservation” or “Static DHCP” section.
  • Check that the reserved IP addresses correspond to the proper MAC addresses of the devices.


ASUS routers are sophisticated networking equipment, but even the greatest routers might occasionally suffer IP address-related difficulties. If you continue to have problems after doing these procedures, contact our customer service or reference the user manual for more assistance.

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