How Do I Manually Update My Asus Router Firmware?

Asus Router Firmware

To keep ourselves connected with the world wifi network plays an important role so as the wifi routers. To manage the internet connections and security configurations updates. Which also includes the firmware update to ensure the perfect performance of the router. This blog will be helpful if you want to know about the manual method of firmware update Asus. With manual update you can have more control over the process as compared to automatic updates of firmware’s. You can manage the update time and also get to know that what changes are made on your router’s setting.

Instructions for Asus Router Firmware manual update

  • Check the model or series number of your asus router. It can be found on the router or in the manual book that comes with it. With router’s interface login, you can check the firmware version so that you can know if the new one is available. And also get to know what kind of new things it is having.
  • From Asus support website check the latest version and download it. Then you have to access Asus router’s web interface. Then link your device and router using wired or wireless method.
  • Fill in the IP or web address of router into the web interface of your stratagem. Login page will pop up and then you have to pass in the login details default or the changed ones. (If you forgot the details then factory reset can enable the default login usage)
  • This step is not mandatory but recommended to be at safe side, before the update your router’s settings. Turn it to a file and save it in your device so that after the update you can restore it.
  • Web interface login get the access your router login page then do search for the admin or advance setting option. There you will find an option of firmware update or upgrade, click on it, browse and choose the file that you have downloaded earlier from Asus support website.
  • Its highly recommended that do not press any button, or interrupt the updating process otherwise you will cause a harm to your router.
  • The router will restart automatically once the process of update is completed, then you need to log in again using the web interface and confirm the update, restore the backup file if you find any changes in the settings otherwise skip it.


The manual way of updating the firmware is a bit tricky and technical but by using our useful tips you can manage it easily. With these updates you can enjoy the enhanced performance of your router, it also fixes bugs and other technical issues and add new features to the router. If you face problem while conducting this firmware update then you must immediately contact our professionally trained experts to sort out the issue and get the reliable solution.

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