How To Fix Slow Internet Connection Issues With Your Asus Router

Asus router

A sluggish internet connection may be a big cause of irritation in today’s digital world. You’re not alone if you have an Asus router and are having trouble with your internet speed. We’ll show you how to recognise and shoot the most recurrent issues that might cause poor internet networks.

  • Examine Your Internet Plan- It’s crucial to be sure that the issue isn’t with your internet service provider (ISP) before starting router troubleshooting. Be certain that the package you’re enrolled in gives the speeds you require. To be sure you’re attaining what you’re compensable for, state with your ISP and ask about your up-to-date plan.
  • Run an Internet Speed Test- To check your internet speed, use online programmes like speed test platforms. This will provide you with a starting point to compare to your anticipated speeds and determine whether the issue is with your Asus router. Running these tests at innumerable times of the day is also an upright awareness because network cramming might distress your results.
  • Switch Off Your Router- Turning it off and back on again is a tried-and-true IT fix that frequently solves problems. This can help tenacities any short-term glitches and recover the functionality of your router.
  • Update your firmware- Firmware updates are released by router manufacturers to enhance performance and address recognised problems. Discover the “Firmware Update” section in your router’s web edge by entering its IP into a browser. Fix any updates that are accessible to be sure that your router is using the most topical software.
  • Make wireless settings better- be certain that your router’s wireless settings are optimised if you’re utilising a wireless connection. Use the most recent Wi-Fi standards (802.11ac or 802.11ax) on your router, the 5 GHz spectrum for better speeds, and the least-busy channel available in your neighbourhood. Additionally, think about configuring Quality of Service (QoS) to provide particular devices or apps priority access to bandwidth.
  • Put Your Router in a Strategic Position- Signal strength and internet speed can be dramatically impacted by where you set your router. Your router should preferably be positioned in the centre of your network, high off the ground, and far from any walls or other electrical items that can block the signal.
  • A Secure Network- Unauthorised users and equipment can use bandwidth and sluggishly connect to the internet. To limit access to known devices, be certain that your network is password-protected and take into account turning on MAC address filtering.
  • Eliminate Intrusion- Your Wi-Fi signal may be hampered by other electrical equipment. By placing your router far from these sources of interference, you may reduce their influence.
  • restore default settings- You can try resetting your router to its factory default settings if none of the aforementioned solutions works to fix your sluggish internet difficulties. You should only do this as a last option because doing so would delete all custom settings.
  • Invest in New Hardware- Your Asus router issues might not be able to handle the demands of today’s high-speed internet connections if it is obsolete and out of current. To ensure a smoother internet experience, think about spending more money on a newer, more potent router.


A poor internet connection can be annoying, but you can increase your internet speed with your Asus router by taking a few preventative precautions and troubleshooting actions. There are ways to improve settings, update software, or even upgrade hardware to provide you access to quicker and more dependable internet service. Remember that improving your online experience and fixing sluggish internet difficulties may be accomplished with a little patience and perseverance.

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