How To Reset Asus Router And Secure Your Network?

how to reset asus router

Your home network’s security is crucial in today’s world of increased connectivity. Because of their speed and feature-rich user interfaces, ASUS routers are a popular choice among consumers. However, securing your network necessitates a proactive strategy, which includes regular router resets and appropriate modifications. As we secure your network and walk you through the process of resetting an ASUS router, your data will be protected from outside threats.

Resetting Your ASUS Router

You might need how to reset ASUS router for a number of reasons, including:

  • Network Troubleshooting: the reset asus router can frequently fix problems with connectivity or poor network performance.
  • Password recovery: Resetting your router will bring back the default username and password if you’ve forgotten them.
  • Configuration Changes: To restore your router’s factory default settings after making significant configuration changes, do a reset.

To reset your ASUS router, trail these steps:

  • Prepare the router: Make sure your router is ready by turning it on and connecting it to anything, such a computer, with an Ethernet wire.
  • Find the Reset Button: The router’s reset button is often found on its underside or back. To press the tiny, recessed button, you’ll need a paperclip or pin.
  • Press & Hold: Push and clutch the reset button using a pin. When the router is being reset, its lights should flicker.
  • Release the Button: release the button after holding it for the selected expanse of time. The router will reboot after going through the reset procedure.

Allow the router a few minutes to finish the reset procedure before attempting to restart it. The default settings will be returned when it’s finished.

  • Protecting Your ASUS Router- It’s essential to secure your network after you’ve reset ASUS router to stop unauthorised access and safeguard your data. This is how you do it:
  • Change the default login information- Since most ASUS routers’ login and keyword are well known, hackers frequently target them. To strengthen the security of your router, change these credentials right away. By entering your router’s IP address (often into your web browser, you may access your router’s web interface. Use your new username and keyword to log in. Go to the “Administration” or “Advanced Settings” area of the router’s web interface. Disable the “Remote Management” option by looking for it.
  • Make a Guest Network Active- For guests, establish a different network if your router allows it. In order to guard against unauthorised access to your devices and data, this network should be isolated from your primary network. Set a strong password and enable the guest network.
  • Upgrade software- Security fixes are frequently included in firmware upgrades to guard against known vulnerabilities. For your ASUS router, regularly check for and apply firmware upgrades. Look for “Firmware Update” or a comparable option in the “Administration” or “Advanced Settings” section of the router’s web interface. To download and install the most recent firmware, adhere to the instructions.
  • Make WPA3 encryption active- Make sure your Wi-Fi network is running the most recent encryption protocol, WPA3. This offers stronger defence against security dangers and brute force assaults. Navigate to the “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi” settings using the web interface of the router. Locate the security options and choose WPA3-Personal for encryption. For your Wi-Fi network, use a secure password.
  • Turn off remote control- Anyone with access to remote administration is able to change your router’s settings from anywhere online. To increase the security of your router, disable this option.


You may reset ASUS router and make sure your network is as safe as possible by following these instructions. You can keep your home network safe and secure by regularly upgrading the router’s settings and monitoring for security patches and upgrades. When you are certain that your data and privacy are well-protected, your online experience will be more pleasurable.

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