How To Setup Asus Rt-ac1900p Wifi Router Guest Login

Setup Asus rt-ac 1900p Wifi Router Guest Login

Having the reliable, strong and sturdy wifi network is the basic need of humans in today’s world. Asus is the renowned brand who also offers advanced features. Asus Rt-ac1900p wifi router proffers the brilliant feature that is guest network to ensure that your guests also enjoy. Have the reliable network access without compromising your security access. If you want to know about this in details then this blog can be helpful.

How to create the guest network

  • First of all, link your Asus Rt-ac1900p Wifi Router and accessing device using the wired or wireless connection.
  • Open your device’s web interface and type router IP address in it that is Then continue the process by tapping on the enter key.
  • Login screen will seem in front of you where you have to put in the username and password to comprehend the login.
  • If you have changed the credentials earlier. Also forget them then factory reset can work here and you can use the default ones to complete the process.
  • After accomplishing the login, search for the guest network section on the home page under the advance setting section.
  • The location of the section may vary according to the firmware versions of the routers.
  • Tap on the guest network option once you find it then you have to enable it and on it from its settings.
  • Generate a different SSID name for guest network. It must be easily available in searching list but make sure its recognition doesn’t affect your personal access information.
  • You must setup the security option for this network and for more security use the WPA2-PSK(AES) encryption, so that before getting the access every time your guest needs to enter the passcode, so only after that they can connect to the network.
  • Don’t use the same passcode of your main network and make sure it must also be strong and unique.
  • You can also set the bandwidth limits for guest network access; with certain amount of bandwidth, you can ensure that it won’t slow down your main network speed and functionality.
  • You can also separate the guest network from the foremost network. You can enable this feature in the same guest network section setting. It will provide your main network more security.
  • When the configuration of guest network and its settings is done then you have to save the changes by tapping on apply button in the bottom of the screen and then reboot your router to get the immediate effects of your changes.
  • You can test the changes by providing the SSID details that is its name and code of your guest network to you your guests, if they can connect to it then the process is accomplished.

Final thoughts

Generating the guest network can save your network and personal information from the potential intruders and by following these above-mentioned steps you can easily do it. If you need any assistance regarding the same then you can talk with our team of experts.

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