How to Use Openvpn on Asus Router for Eradicating Security Issues

How to Use Openvpn on Asus Router for Eradicating Security Issues?

To enhance the privacy and security in online access VPN has become quite popular tool. Many routers came with its built-in feature as OpenVPN. Though its popular but you can face issue with it too, if you are using OpenVPN on your Asus router. Are you facing accessing or connectivity issues then this blog might help you in getting the solution.

  • Firmware version- The first thing that you need to delve on is checking the firmware version whether your Asus router has the updated one or the old one. Go to the official website of Asus router and with the help of your router’s model number check for it. If it is available then download it and save it.
  • configuration- Check the configuration settings because wrong setting always disrupts your accessing. Double check that you have pass in the right information of ISP including server address, port number and its protocol. Also check the login access details, there can be typing errors so you must correct them.
  • Certificate and files- For OpenVPN certificate and key files are necessary for protected communication. Be certain that you have uploaded the right certificate and key files in your router. Check the file permission as well to make sure that they are completely accessible by the router.
  • Firewall- Because of the router’s inbuilt feature of firewalls, the OpenVPN traffic can be blocked. Either your router’s firewall settings must allow the traffic on its VPN port or the firewall must allow all the incoming connections.
  • Port forwarding- If you’re using more than one router and the VPN enable router is behind it then you need to set port forwarding that will allow the OpenVPN to communicate through it. To know about port forwarding you must check the router manual.
  • IP address and network conflict- Network conflicts with IP address can disrupt OpenVPN connections. Your VPN IP address range must not overlap your home network’s IP address, if that is so then adjust its range.
  • DNS issues- you can experience DNS resolution issue if you are using OpenVPN in your Asus router. You must specify the DNS server in the configuration of OpenVPN and for this you can use public OpenDNS servers.
  • Logs and diagnostics- logs and diagnostics tool is added in your Asus router to troubleshoot issues like this so just check it log files and observe whether there is any message related to OpenVPN. You can get the valuable evidence about the cause.
  • VPN service provider- when you tried these tips but they didn’t resolve the issue then you must contact your VPN service provider’s support team to get the reliable and effective resolution.
  • Factory reset- this must be the last choice as it will erase your manual settings and you have to reconfigure them but it will surely resolve the issue.


OpenVPN can increase the security of your router’s online access. If you ever face any issue with this then you must apply these troubleshooting tips.

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