What Are The Causes That Asus Router Keep Losing Internet Connection

What Are The Causes That Asus Router Keep Losing Internet Connection?

A reliable internet connection is necessary for everyone whether it is for work, entertainment, communication or anything else. Facing issues with network connection or with your routers can be troublesome. Asus is a reputative brand and if you have it then you might be having an excellent network coverage throughout your place. Router is also a tech-based thing so facing one or two issues is quite possible. With this blog you can find the easy solution if your Asus router losing internet.

Why My Asus Router Keep Losing Internet Connection?

  • Signal interference – If there is interference with signal then your router will keep losing the connection because these routers work on different frequencies (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). So they can be disrupted by the other electronic devices, with neighbour’s router, thick walls etc.
  • Firmware issue – if you have not updated to the latest firmware version then also you can have this problem. Out-dated firmware version of your router can mostly lead you to the connectivity issues.
  • Multiple device connection – If there are multiple devices connected to your router network then you can face the weak signal. No signal connectivity at all because it will struggle to maintain the load created by these devices. Various device using the same network for downloading heavy files, streaming heavy videos or while playing the games simultaneously.
  • Issues with IP address – Conflict between the devices or when your DHCP configurations has not happened rightly. Because of it your router will struggle to assign the IP addresses to your different devices. Which will ultimately led to connectivity issues.
  • Excessive heat – while working, routers generally generate the heat but excessive heat can disrupt the performance and also led to connection drops. Poor ventilation can also cause this issue.

How Can We Resolve The Router’s Connectivity Issues?

  • Avoid placing your router near to the heavy electronic devices, also make sure to place your router in the central location but it must be in the location free from thick walls and other electronic devices. 
  • Keep a regular check for the updates related to router’s firmware, to know about it you must visit your manufacturer’s website and if it is available there then you can download it from there and update your router by installing the newest version.
  • You must connect limited number of devices with your router at a time, you must enable the QoS for this so that your router can prioritise certain type of traffic to have smooth networking experience.
  • Make sure DHCP settings are configured accurately so that it can assign the static IP addresses to devices which will automatically avoid the conflicts.
  • Make sure your router has proper ventilation in the room so that the router will not get heated excessively. You can use additional fans or cooling pads for cooling down your router.

Final Thoughts

If you face continuous internet dropout then you must consult with the ASUS support team and if that feels difficult to approach then you must visit our website where you can also talk to our experts and receive the exact and effective solution.

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